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Full Spectrum Distillate (FSD)

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CBD Concentration: >75% CBDs (CBD only)

Our Full Spectrum Distillate* is a highly refined oil that is gold to amber in color with a distinctive floral aroma. Using our rolled-film distillation process, we remove any remaining plant compounds like chlorophyll along with residual fats, waxes, lipids, and terpenes, leaving behind a high concentration of CBD. This high-quality oil is easy to formulate. 

*This hemp-derived CBD distillate has been evaluated and validated by a third-party ISO-certified lab, certificate of analysis available upon request.


Typical Analysis

Data featured is based on actual sampling from previous batches and will closely reflect current COA.

Total Cannabinoids >75.0%
Total CBD* 75.0%
Total THC**


Water Activity NR
Moisture NR

*Total CBD = CBDa * 0.877 + CBD. | **Total THC = THCa * 0.877 + d9-THC.
LOQ = Limit of Quantification; LOD = Limit of Detection; ND = Not Detected; NR = Not Reported; NT = Not Tested

Benefits of Full Spectrum Distillate (FSD)

Most Used Formulations:

eLiquids, Tinctures/Elixirs, Topicals, Capsules, Beverages, Gummies/Edibles, Dog Treats, and many more.

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All of our hemp-derived CBD ingredients and CBD finished products go through accurate and detailed third-party testing by ISO-certified labs, complete with a certificate of analysis (COA).



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