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Athletic Duo CBD Sports Bundle

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ATHLETIC DUO BUNDLE: Pairing our 10,000mg CBD Elixir with our Muscle Gel may just be the new favorite bundle for the New Year. Now available with 25% off this Holiday, our Athletic Duo bundle is the perfect combination for any athlete interested in staying at the top of their game by offering support in relaxation, muscle recovery, and repair.

  • 4oz Pomelo & Limonene CBD Elixir with MCT Oil
  • CBD Muscle Gel

*Each of our raw ingredients used for our Columbia Hemp Essentials line are third-party tested and re-tested at product completion to disclose full transparency. Check out the certificate of analysis (COA) for each product featured in this bundle here: Elixir | Muscle Gel



In addition to the natural benefits of CBD our Elixir and Muscle Gel provide the following; 

  • 4oz Pomelo and Limonene CBD Elixir is a combination rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants as well as carrying antibacterial benefits; Rich in Antioxidants*, Highly Nutritious*, Immune Boosting*, Anti-Inflammatory Properties*, Digestive Relief*, and Heart-Healthy*.
  • CBD Muscle Gel provides a cold-hot sensation for daily relief*, Formulated for Muscles Recovery and Repair*, and Aids in Relaxation*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

For full ingredients please check out the following: 4oz Pomelo & Limonene CBD Elixir and  CBD Muscle Gel. 

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Product Information

4oz Pomelo & Limonene CBD Elixir with MCT Oil combines the benefits of Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD oil with natural Citrus flavoring into a daily use product that is both satisfying and effective. This Elixir has more mg/serving than any other on the market and, with a delicious taste, it can be ingested as is or used to complement your favorite beverage. Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (BSHE): 10,000mg in 4fl oz (120mL) | approx. 84mg per 1mL serving) 

CBD Muscle Gel is a supremely relaxing gel specially formulated with Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD oil to help your muscles repair and recover. This powerful combination of cooling menthol, warming capsicum, camphor oil, and our hemp-derived CBD oil makes our Muscle Gel wonderfully effective in aiding recovery after workouts and/or relaxing during a massage. Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (BSHE): 5,000mg in 8fl oz (320mL) | approx. 20mg per 1mL serving) 

Common Questions

Our elixir/tincture product is a highly concentrated liquid that was created by applying low heat to plant matter and then extracting the oils through our food-safe CO2 extraction methods. Thereafter the oil is distilled repeatedly until it reaches a state that meets our highest quality requirements for removal of all material except those that help with the transport of the CBD to your body’s receptors. This potent creation is paired with a carrier oil and other complementary ‘healthy’ ingredients for additional benefits and flavor. Our tinctures are made with the carrier oils of Hemp Seed Oil, Olive Oil and MCT oil, then paired with pomelo, grapefruit, and limonene oil for additional healthy benefits and to improve taste.

CBD’s potential for providing health benefits is still being researched vigorously around the world. Numerous studies have found that CBD could help with inflammatory properties, pain relief, acute pain, chronic issues, and others. Although we do not claim any of our products can cure, treat, or heal - we do believe that researchers have just scratched the surface on all the potential that CBD can offer.

Our Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract contains the maximum amounts of naturally active compounds, terpenes, and flavonoids, but goes through further refinement to remove THC. We produce this appealing broad-spectrum extract to offer "whole-plant" benefits while eliminating THC.