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Here at CHTC, we specialize in cultivation, extraction, manufacturing hemp-derived CBD ingredients and finished products. Originating as the first physical marketplace in Oregon for hemp drying, extraction and trading, we now have a completely integrated supply chain and offer services every step of the way. Our primary goal is prioritizing you and your operations. We ensure the highest of standards and returns for your hard work.

We offer the ability to choose from many hemp services, from drying hemp, extraction to oil refinement (winterization, distillation, THC remediation), and isolation. We even offer the option to partner with us from "Farm to Finish," ensuring a maximum yield on your investment for whichever step in the process you want to finish at.

Your end goal is our end goal, which is why our hemp services and products reflect our commitment to only provide the highest of quality standards and our best value.

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We excel at the most in our ability to offer you a trusted partnership, one with a controlled supply chain. Maintaining every aspect of our supply chain ensures you receive consistent and reliable results, quality assurance, control, and complete transparency. 

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