Columbia Hemp Trading Company FAQs

We began in 2018 with a focus on offering hemp services and have been expanding ever since.

The main mission at Columbia Hemp Trading Company (CHTC, Inc.) is bringing the benefits of hemp to the world by making it accessible and affordable.

Our hemp-derived CBD is extracted and processed in-house through our hemp services to ensure premium quality, compliance, total transparency, and bulk supply at lower costs.

All of our CBD Raw Ingredients are from Oregon-grown biomass.

Yes, we offer a multitude of services from drying, extraction, distillation, isolation and more. You can find out more under our hemp services pages.

Yes, we sell all of our oils online from our hemp extracts to CBD Isolate. You can find them here.

Yes! We just launched our Columbia Hemp Essential line, you can find more information here.

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

A Certificate of Analysis, also known as a COA, is a verified third-party analysis on a sample of product, providing pass-fail and quantitive results on cannabinoids, microbial, pesticides, residual solvents, and heavy metals. This analysis provides a seal of approval that the product has passed the stringent standards of the U.S. Hemp Authority. Every Laboratory that provides a COA offers different levels of detection based on the standards by which they choose to operate, and on the legal restriction for the state inwhich the COA is being processed. It is important to obtain or inquire about a COA for any CBD product/ingredient to ensure the highest of standards, safe consumption, meets your state's legal restrictions, and your personal desired specifications.

Absolutely! The COA can be found on our product page for each of our essential products. For our raw ingredients, we provide a spec sheet on each ingredient, which is a guideline of expectation you can expect to see on the actual COA. The COA for these ingredients is available before (must inquire) and after your purchase (sent via email and a hardcopy is enclosed within shipment).

Our spec sheets are provided for each one of our raw ingredients and are available to download online. These are our guidelines of what you can expect to find in our COA reports for each of our ingredients. We do not offer COA’s to download online since the lot is constantly changing based on availability. We strive to provide the most accurate information and send out the COA when you express an interest or when you purchase. Doing so ensures our customers that the product is in stock. If you are interested in obtaining a COA for a specific product, simply fill out our contact form here (link to contact form).

We use Columbia Laboratories, zero affiliation with us (but we do like their name), each analysis is based on Oregon’s state regulation on CBD. Columbia Laboratories are part of Tentamus Global Network, a network of laboratories that are united to provide a comprehensive and broad range of services worldwide, based in Berlin. They provide in-depth data reports, high-quality analysis, and are rated top five in the country. Their group is involved in the legal and political landscape for each country they operate in and they report on the allowable chemical limits based on national and state standards (whichever is more strict).

Yes, COA results may vary. Please note that even though inconsistency can occur with testing, it is uncommon (less than 10% chance of happening). Some variables that could occur are the following: Samples were collected inconsistently possibly from different vat levels. A pocket was tested. Pockets are common forms of ‘clumps’ that could occur in any bulk amount of oil which tested could provide contradicting data. Each CBD Laboratory collects and analyzes data differently, which could result in having higher or lower standards for levels and limits of Detection and Quantification. Most laboratories provide data based on the state requirement and regulations for CBD. Purchasing products outside of your state and testing in your state could result in different outcome - if this is ever a concern simply reach out and we will review/verify your state regulations. We stand behind our testing and Columbia Laboratories 100%, and will happily discuss lab results or any questions you may have. We believe having full transparency in our process, our COA’s, and potential variants are the basis of good customer service and collaboration.

We consider all of our products premium since they are made in-house from “Farm to Finish”. We know every step of the process, provide tracking and reporting for each to ensure that our clients receive the absolute best.

Raw Ingredients

We are able to offer bulk amounts and lower prices due to our supply chain, and the process of creating everything in-house.

Yes, we offer samples to our customers. Please email us at support@columbiahtc.com for more information so we may have one of our sales agent contact you.

Full spectrum CBD contains all of the naturally occurring plant extracts such as terpenes and THC. As Broad Spectrum contain several naturally occurring extracts, but will have lower levels or no THC.

Tetrahydrocannabinoal (THC), is the chemical responsible for the high psychological effects.

CBD Distillates are referring to their distillation process. Distillation is the purification process of separating and removing undesirable cannabinoids while improving the concentration of your CBD. So, a distillate can range from full spectrum to T-Free and is typically golden in color.

All raw ingredients should have levels below a 0.3% THC level to be Federally compliant. All compliant material or product is subject to Section 7606 of the Agricultural Act of 2014 (the “2014 Farm Bill”); the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (the “2018 Farm Bill”); the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (“FFDCA”) and the state laws, rules and regulations in which either Seller and/or Buyer operate, respectively (the “State Laws,” and together with the 2014 Farm Bill, 2018 Farm Bill, and the FFDCA, collectively, the “Hemp Laws”), each of which may be amended from time to time (and to the extent such laws and regulations are and remain effective).

CBD Isolate goes through a number of purifying processes (isolation) to leave behind only the CBD, while other ingredients contain other cannabis compounds. This is why other ingredients are not considered the purest, and what makes CBD isolate pure.