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Our Extraction Process

There are various extraction methods used today based on several functions: quality of output, end use for the product, quantity of product desired, and the complexities of the cannabis plant overall containing 120+ different cannabinoids and terpenes.

Here at CHTC, we stick with the extraction service that produces the best quality CBD oil. It's the most efficient and environmentally safe process available - Decarboxylated CO2 hemp extraction. Maximizing yields, we decarboxylate (decarb) the biomass in order to convert the majority of CBDa into CBD prior to extraction. CO2 extraction is one of the safest, natural, and premier methods for extracting essential cannabinoids. This allows us to offer crude oil that is easier to process downstream, is better for food safety concerns, and retains a higher percentage yield of CBD in the process. 

Why We Decarboxylate

We use the process of decarboxylation (applying heat) to increase the amount of CBD retained in the extraction process. It is our first major step to ensure we get the most out of the plant. Decarboxylation unlocks many of the therapeutic benefits of the plant by converting the predominant compounds CBDa and THC into CBD.  

How We Tie In CO2

After our decarboxylated process, we begin the extraction process with Carbon Dioxide. Engulfing the decarbed cannabis with CO2 under supercritical pressures and temperatures causes the natural gas to act as an inert solvent. This solvent flows through the cannabis, separating the CBD and other phytochemicals into a liquid state, producing a high-quality full-spectrum crude oil.

By adopting the Decarboxylated CO2 extraction method, we can offer time and cost-efficient batch extraction with capacity to handle 75,000+ lbs per day for larger processors, a higher quality end product, and an environmentally friendly food and consumption-safe extraction method.

75,000lbs/day Extraction Capacity | CHTC, Inc.
Immaculate Cleaning Protocols | CHTC, Inc.
Accurate & Detailed Lab Testing | CHTC, Inc.
100% Full Product Visibility | CHTC, Inc.


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