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Drying hemp is one of the most critical steps between your harvest and sale, as well as the riskiest. Weather, pests, and other environmental factors resulting in rot and contamination make finding the proper drying method the most important. 

Here at CHTC, we offer industrial drying for large-scale farmers. We provide efficient hemp drying resulting in a consistent, reliable, and higher quality end product. Drying your harvest at our hemp processing facility can take as little as a day, as we have a 30,000+ lb drying capacity with our 300,000btu dryer. With such a high-capacity drying system, our drying operation is ideal for those growing 10-500+ acres.

We pride ourselves on offering reliable services that can get you to the market quicker with a consistent output of 10% or less moisture and complete transparency in our processing.

30,000,000 BTU Industrial Dryer for Large Scale Drying and Quick Turn Around on Hemp Drying Services
30,000lbs/day Drying Capacity | CHTC, Inc.
Less than 10% Moisture Output | CHTC, Inc.
100% Full Product Visibility | CHTC, Inc.

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