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    Premium Quality CBD Oil & Potent Solutions!


Premium Quality CBD Oil & Potent Solutions!

New Elixir & New Potency Levels!

New Arrival: Our brand new citrus elixir - Pomelo & Limonene CBD Elixir w/ MCT Oil is here! This Elixir has more mg/serving than any other on the market and has a delicious taste!


Columbia Hemp Essentials

Premium Quality CBD Oil, Potent Solutions, 100% Compliant with Full Transparency, and Completely Affordable

It sounds like an impossible pitch or a catch, but it truly is not. For the last three-plus years, our company, Columbia Hemp Trading Co., has been honing the process and production of CBD, bringing all elements under one roof to ensure consistency, reliability, quality, and affordability. Offering high-quality oils has always been our staple. Being able to offer them at an affordable rate not based on competitors or industry but our margins – is a game-changer and hopefully allows us to redefine the price point in making CBD accessible to everyone. With every purchase you make, we get one step closer to bringing the benefits of hemp to the world.

Our Raw Ingredients

100% Compliant

CHTC, Inc. & Captain Co-Pack

CHTC, Inc. owns and operates CCP as part of the vertically integrated parent company. This key relationship helps to provide you with the highest quality ingredients and visibility of the manufacturing process from farming the hemp crop to what appears in a drop from your elixir.