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2oz All-Natural Tincture Sample

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CBD Content: 3,000mg 

Our All-Natural Tincture combines the benefits of our premium THC-Free Broad Spectrum Distillate CBD oil and CBD Isolate with a golden hemp seed base oil. This light yellow tincture is potent and fully compliant, with an all-natural ‘hemp’ flavor. 


The primary benefit of partnering with CHTC for your White Label needs is our fully integrated supply chain. An integrated supply chain essentially means seamless collaboration and visibility throughout a product’s life time. This allows us to offer higher quality product at a lower cost, and in bulk!

We always know the original source of our finished goods because we partner with Farmers and help them: plant seeds, guide their product into drying and extraction and then help them choose the best path for distillation, isolation and ultimately bulk blending and formulation of a finished retail product (including packaging). 

INGREDIENTS: Golden Seed Hemp Oil, THC-Free Broad Spectrum Distillate CBD Oil, and CBD Isolate

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Product Information

  • Ingestible Cannabidiol
  • 0.0% THC 
  • CBD Oil Blend:
    • 3,000mg in 2fl oz (60mL) | approx. 50mg per 1mL serving
  • High Quality Ingredients
  • Dropper Included - Each dropper is equivalent to 1 serving size (1mL).
  • 2 year Shelf Life - Our bottles are dark and designed to protect your investment from the sun and heat, but it’s best not to store it in direct sunlight.
  • Light Yellow in Coloring
  • COA | 3rd Party Verified

Common Questions

Our tincture product is a highly concentrated liquid that was created by applying low heat to plant matter and then extracting the oils through our food-safe CO2 extraction methods. Thereafter the oil is distilled repeatedly until it reaches a state that meets our highest quality requirements for removal of all material except those that help with the transport of the CBD to your body’s receptors. This potent creation is paired with a carrier oil and may contain additional flavoring extract for a specific taste. Our tinctures are made with the carrier oil of Golden Hemp Seed Oil then paired with our CHTC premium CBD Blend.

Our droppers holds a serving of 1mL. For guidance on taking the correct dosage, a printed guide in increments of 0.25mL is featured on the outside of the dropper.