Harvest Season is Upon Us

The markets will be flooded with a plethora of new, high-quality, hemp biomass. If you're a farmer or an investor in hemp and plan on having some dried biomass on hand this season, make sure you protect that investment by extracting and winterizing your product asap. The first step towards a greater return on your asset is extraction. 

At CHTC, our extraction services are the most efficient and environmentally safe processes available - Decarboxylated CO2 hemp extraction. Maximizing yields, we decarboxylate (decarb) the biomass in order to convert the majority of CBDa into CBD prior to extraction and to increase the amount of CBD retained in the extraction process. CO2 extraction is currently one of the safest, natural, and premier methods for extracting essential cannabinoids. 

With a capacity to handle 75,000+ lbs per day for larger processors (and an option to homogenize your biomass with others of similar quality), we focus on a higher quality end product, and environmentally friendly, food and consumption-safe, extraction method. We stand by this process and will continue it throughout the future of our extraction services. 


Read more on our process here.