Following Hemp's Yellow Brick Road

Trying to go with the flow and stay on course, while following the yellow brick road paved ahead, is no small feat within the Hemp Industry. Our path is continuously evolving with shifting terrain, making the gains and rewards more difficult for each and every Hemp Grower and Company out there. However, for those of us still on this path, this journey may have just gotten a little bit easier.

Our win this month is all about DELTA-8! According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the 2018 Farm Bill; only delta-9 THC greater than 0.3% based on a dry-weight basis is considered a controlled substance, confirming that delta-8 is still federally legal.

Take in the win!

Now, let’s reflect on what’s happening and how we can stay on the path when purchasing a product, or needing compliant refinement services.

  • Make sure your product is hemp-derived and that the highest levels of Delta-8 THC are under the 0.3% threshold. When buying a retail product, make sure the ingredients list the product as ‘hemp-derived.’
  • Know which refinement process was used to reduce or eliminate the THC concentration. For example, CHTC offers several different methods to reducing THC concentration: fractional distillation, solvent extraction, flash chromatography, and more. When buying retail products or bulk raw goods, verify with the company which method is used.
  • Confirm that your end-product is pesticide free, each of the techniques we offer above include TCH and pesticide remediation. The best way to confirm any number of pesticides, THC, CBD, etc. is to get a Certificate of Analysis. When using any of our hemp services we include a third-party COA for the finalized product. For all retail-products make sure you can find the COA online, or you receive a hard-copy to review.
  • Note that the use of THC should be broken down by isomer on the COA, so you may clearly read the amount of the Total THC (which must be under 0.3%).
  • Any and all retail products should list not safe for children, please treat CBD products with any trace amount of THC as medication and should not be in reach of kids or pets unless deemed safe by the FDA.


By following and adhering to the 5 tips above, we hope CHTC, Inc. can help spread the proper awareness on hemp processing, complaint Delta-8, and the services rendered to create these end-products by providing knowledge to our consumers.

With the ban on Delta-9, it was just a matter of time before science jumped in and found THC isomers that could provide similar effects that are legal. This has opened the gateway and broaden the spectrum of acceptance on various delta strains such as 8, 10, and 0. We may not know all of the aspects of these variants, but what we do know is that all concerns tracked by the FDA and the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) are a lobbyist dream. They will continue to stall the progress of the Hemp Industry, and it is up to us to stay on the yellow brick road.


Written by Desiree Cocco-Costello