Introducing Copacking

We are excited to announce we have added copacking to our list of capabilities at CHTC. We will provide this service through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Captain Co Pack (CCP). Through CCP we will continue to expand on our mission of bringing the benefits of hemp to the world by helping companies navigate their product to market. 

We offer a high-value, quality-driven, service that brands deserve in a co-packer. Our formulation and production quality departments work together with brands to establish the desired product selection, including flavor profiles, finished look, required taste, and even preferred smell. 

This announcement comes with the official launch of our 3rd location in Eugene, Oregon. We now proudly offer all distillation, remediation, isolation, and THC-Free services, alongside the blending and packaging capabilities of CCP. 


To read more on our locations and CHTC, check out our About page.